The Better Communication Guide

Learn the 5 MUST HAVE Communication and Negotiation Strategies from Divorce Pros



Are you having trouble with endless, word-salad arguments?

Then this better communication guide is for you!

What You'll Learn

Effective communication is THE KEY a successful relationship, a productive conversation, any negotiation, and staying balanced and emotionally healthy. This Better Communication Guide outlines several incredibly effective yet simple strategies that can up your communication game overnight. 


Learn how to listen deeply

Listening deeply reveals hidden truths and gems that not only allow you to find alignment, but also strengthen positions in negotiation. 

Discover the superpower of empathy

Mirroring, reflective listening, and labeling create safety and trust - powerful keys to diffusing high conflict situations.

Pro-level conflict resolution 

Resolving conflict is easier than you might think. Master a couple of skills and reduce conflict, stress, and anxiety

About Liz Merrill

Liz Merrill is a Mediator and a Divorce Coach with a specialization in High Conflict and Narcissistic relationships.  She lectures regularly on high conflict divorce strategies and is a sought-after speaker and podcast guest. She also engages in regular pro bono work for families who are experiencing financial hardship and offers pro bono services through various nonprofits and the Colorado Court system.

Her understanding of psychological and physiological reactions to trauma, conflict, and anxiety brings a holistic approach to her work with families caught in the High Conflict cycle. After her own litigious high-conflict divorce, she saw the need for a holistic approach to divorce mediation, which included non-violent communication skills, managing trauma, and an understanding of how personality traits and personality disorders create high conflict in a divorce. 

When she started working as a mediator for the courts, she discovered how badly equipped most divorce professionals are to manage the specific needs of people in high conflict relationships and how damaging it can be to the individuals and, most importantly, the children and family systems. Now she helps hundreds of people in crisis find workable solutions so they can reduce anxiety, save money, and move on with their lives.

What Others Are Saying

"Simply put, Liz gets it. Focused on the results, she capably guides difficult cases toward resolution in artful fashion. She has a good, even demeanor and provided helpful information to the parties about their dilemma."

-Kevin Massaro, Senior Associate Attorney at Pickard Law, PC

"Liz is certainly in this for the well being of both her clients in divorce mediation. She knows how to handle high-conflict personalities and to keep both with their eyes on the ball of getting through divorce with your bank accounts and sanity still in tact."

-Carl Roberts, founder of Splitsmart

"Liz generates participant buy-in by cultivating a sense of safety and comfort to deescalate conflict and move the parties towards resolution. She is able to bring parties to the table to create the space they need to design creative, flexible and ultimately sustainable solutions."

-Liz Walker, Senior VP, Land Use Entitlements and Strategic Planning at Wireless Policy Group, LLC

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